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Address 13535 – 109A Avenue
City, Province, PostalCode Edmonton, AB T5M 3Z4
Telephone 780-452-6610
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Telephone 780-452-6610
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Hall Rental Rates

Rental Rates

  • Saturdays are only rented on a daily rate basis
  • Fridays and Sundays are rented for a minimum of 4 hours

Daily Rates (including mandatory cleaning fee):

$570 per day (Non Members)
$395 per day (NGCL Members)
$220 per day (NGCL Executive)

Hourly Rates:

$45.00 per hour (Non Members)
$30.00 per hour (NGCL Members)
$15.00 per hour (NGCL Executive)

*plus mandatory $50 cleaning fee
*plus kitchen fee if desired (kitchen is free for NGCL Executive)

All events require the following:

1. Damage Deposit:
Daily Rentals, hourly rentals over 5 hours and all rentals where alcohol is served = $500
Hourly Rentals, 5 hours or under with no alcohol= $250
*Rental is not confirmed until the damage deposit is received.

2. Mandatory $50 Cleaning Fee. This fee is included in full day rental rate but must be added to the rental fee for hourly rentals.

3. Photocopy of the Renter’s government issued picture ID (eg. Drivers License, Passport).

4. Proof of the Renter’s membership in any Edmonton Community League or in the case of a non-profit organization, proof of the non-profit registration.

5. Proof of Short Term Rental Insurance
-$2,000,000 insurance with NGCL as a named third party (see more in Terms and Conditions below)

Hall Guidelines

Click here to open the Hall Guidelines (PDF)

Hall Maintenance Manual

Click here to open the Hall Maintenance Manual (PDF)

Section F: Hall Rentals

1.0    Acceptable Uses for Renting the Hall Policies

1.1    Rental of the hall is done within the framework of Item 1.0 (Section C: Facility) What is and Is Not Allowed in Our Buildings and On Our Grounds.

1.2    The hall may be rented for the following functions which are considered as personal use:

  • weddings,
  • anniversaries,
  • birthday celebrations,
  • family reunions,
  • retirement parties,
  • funeral teas (including memorial teas and ‘celebration of life’ functions).

1.3    The hall may not be rented out for any commercial purpose.

1.4    Rental of the hall for all other functions requires approval by the Hall Bookings Committee; if the Committee cannot make a decision, the matter is to be referred to the Executive.

2.0    Priority Use Policies

2.1    Funeral teas (including memorial teas and ‘celebration of life’ functions) are given priority over other rental functions.

3.0    Rental Policies

3.1  Attendance Requirement: All renters signing the rental contract must be present for the duration of the event.

3.2 Members

3.2.1    NGCL members are given preference for hall rentals.

3.2.2    To qualify for member rates, a member must be a resident of North Glenora with a NGCL membership in good standing for at least three months prior to booking the rental.

3.2.3    Limitations: At his or her discretion, the Hall Bookings Chairperson has the authority to limit the renting of the hall to two times per year per member (October 16, 2007).

3.3    Member-sponsored

3.3.1 A member may sponsor an event, such as a family wedding, as long as the member is the named party (Lessee) on the hall rental agreement.

3.3.2 Members who sponsor hall rentals on behalf of non-members must attend the entire event for which that hall rental was booked.

3.4    General Public: Outside rentals to the general public are limited to two weekends per month for all months except May (when NGCL use is heaviest). The same person cannot rent the hall more than once per month.

 3.5    Rental Contract Template and Rental Rates: See Appendices D and S.

4.0    Insurance Requirements Policies:

4.1     The NGCL insurance policy covers NGCL and NGCL-sponsored events only.

4.2     The renter MUST have personal liability insurance and furnish proof of same to the Hall Bookings Chairperson (or designate), prior to receiving the keys to the hall and a security code. In the event that a legal suit pertaining to that rental is filed against the NGCL, the renter will be liable for any damages assessed.

4.3     If liquor is served, the renter MUST have personal liability insurance and furnish proof of same to the Hall Bookings Chairperson (or designate), prior to receiving the keys to the hall and a security code.

4.4     An application form for the purchase of personal liability insurance from the NGCL’s insurance provider is to be made available to all renters whether or not they are serving liquor. A copy of this application form is in Appendix S.

5.0    Liquor License Requirements Policies: If liquor is served, the renter MUST obtain a liquor license and it must be posted in a visible location at the bar, for the duration of the event.

Please refer to the Hall Rental Policies Section F (Page 30-33) and Appendix D&S in the current Operations Manual regarding rentals and requirements or contact the Hall Bookings chair.

Hall Details

  • Seating Capacity – 150
  • Standing Capacity – 190
  • Tables – 40
  • Chairs – 190
  • Kitchen
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Janitorial Service
  • Dance Floor
  • Stage
  • PA System
  • AV Equipment
  • Transit System Access
  • Outdoor Skating Rink
  • Playground
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Basketball Court
  • Skate Park
  • Spray Park
  • Soccer Field
  • Playschool
  • Picnic Area
  • Meeting Day: 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM