Planning and Transportation

The NGCL Planning and Transportation Committee is a standing committee of the NGCL Board.  The committee consists of community members who work to inform the broader community and the community league on issues related to development, transportation, and city works that fall within the boundaries of North Glenora. The committee may be involved in informing the community of City works that occur outside the boundaries of the community when they are deemed to have an impact on residents. 

The committee strives to maintain a position of neutrality. Fundamental to the Planning and Transportation Committee are the following tenets:

  • The committee does not endorse or oppose specific developments, transportation changes or city works. 
  • The committee does not endorse independent advocacy groups, whether formed within NG or external to NG. 
  • The committee does not represent the community as a whole, unless directed to do so by the board. 

The key roles of the committee are; to provide accurate information to community members in a timely manner; liaise with City officials when a single community contact is desirable; provide assistance and guidance to City officials when a full community consultation is planned; inform the board of development and transportation issues that may have a broad impact on the community as a whole. 

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