Community Garden

Welcome to the North Glenora Community Garden!

In 2020, North Glenora was awarded a Pop-Up Community Garden through a City of Edmonton pilot project, and used this opportunity as a trial to gauge interest for establishing a permanent garden. The community gardened together and created the “Harvest Share” program in which volunteers bundled fresh produce and delivered it by bicycle baskets and wagons in a traveling free farmer’s market to those in the neighbourhood with little to no growing space of their own. Building on these successes, the community is moving forward with establishing a permanent community garden.

The Project

The North Glenora Community Garden was designed to be beautiful, low maintenance and accessible with areas to gather and socialize as well as areas for growing and learning from each other. The 21, 8’x4’ raised beds can be rented for individual and family use while some will be kept for growing together for one another; sharing the produce within the neighbourhood. Six of these raised beds will be accessible and a wide path will run through the garden area connecting to the established path on the south side of the hall. There will be two large perennial beds with edible bushes and pollinator plants as well as one in ground bed for growing together.

The Garden will be located on the north and east sides of the community hall and will be completed in phases as funding permits.

For more information about this exciting addition to the neighbourhood, contact Erin at [email protected] !

Preliminary Design

Project Timeline

Click on the dates below to see details of the timeline.

1.  Engage with Community
2. Identify Site
3.  Secure approval from the Community League
4.  Submit strategy plan to the City
5.  Apply for grants
6.  Submit concept plans
7.  Construction Planning
8.  Garden construction – Phase 1
  • Garden layout
  • Construction of raised beds
  • Establishment of in-ground gardens
9.  Garden construction – Phases 2 & 3

Sponsors and Acknowledgements