Outdoor Classroom

This exciting project will provide the students of Coronation Elementary School with an inviting outdoor space for learning and expressing creativity. This project also aims to increase accessibility on school grounds, revitalize the existing gardens, establish new garden areas, and recognize and honour Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Working in phases, the School is partnering with Coronation School Council as well as the North Glenora Sustainability Committee – a standing committee of the North Glenora Community League – to complete this project. The plan involves students, staff, and residents of the community, harnessing the establishment of the site as an educational opportunity as it develops.

The 4 phases of the project include: Revitalization of the native garden; Buildings of an outdoor classroom; Additional gardens; and increasing Accessibility.

Project Maps

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Project Timeline

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Phase 1 – Revitalization of native garden

In the mid-90s, a landscaper designed and installed a garden area on the site. The design included many native plants. However, over the years, some plants have died and there are many new trees and plants that require transplanting to other locations.

This phase will focus on cataloging existing plants, clearing and pruning overgrowth as well as reinstalling edging along a pathway, restoring the path itself, and planting new native, shade-loving plants in the areas where they are lacking.

Phase 2 – Development of outdoor classroom

The need for outdoor classroom facilities was magnified by the Covid-19 pandemic. An outdoor classroom was emphasized as a priority by teachers in our staff survey.

The outdoor classroom will include adjustable seating and a weather–proof teaching area, including a whiteboard mounted within a covered wooden stand which will be built during this phase. New pathways in the garden will also be created.

Phase 3 – Garden Additions

During this phase, the new additions to the site will be established. These include an evergreen hedge running along the northwestern perimeter of the front schoolyard to create a barrier between the schoolyard and the road, the construction of raised beds for a vegetable garden, and two large pollinator gardens on the south side of the school.

A Peace Garden and a Truth and Reconciliation Garden will also be established during this phase. The Peace Garden will primarily be student-led and the Truth and Reconciliation Garden will be developed with a cultural educator and Indigenous community partners. Elements and references to Truth & Reconciliation will be integrated throughout the schoolyard garden site.

Phase 4 – Increase Accessibility

Pathways and ramps will be added for safe and easy access to the outdoor classroom and garden areas to ensure that those students with mobility issues will be able to easily access all outdoor learning opportunities.

Currently there are no accessibility considerations for students or staff with mobility challenges.

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