Volunteer Information

The North Glenora Community League is always looking for volunteers who are passionate about this great community.

From executive board positions, to membership canvassing, to events planning, we always need great people like you!

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • Buildings and Grounds
    Oversee the maintenance, repair and improvements of buildings and grounds (including the ice rinks) to ensure they are safe, clean and functional. Coordinate the annual spring clean up campaign.
  • Sports Coordinator
    Organize sports programs for the community, and assign coordinators for each sport where possible; attend association meetings for various sports activities; arrange for awards for participants.
  • Historian
    Document NGCL activities for historical purposes. Advise the Executive Board on matters of a historical nature related to the current operation of the NGCL.
  • School Liaison
    Develop opportunities for mutual awareness and support between the NGCL and Coronation School.
  • Kids Movie Night
    Organize and put on a monthly kids movie event at the hall

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