Rain Garden

Welcome to the North Glenora Rain Garden!

In early spring 2023, NGCL will begin work on our rain garden with anticipated completion by summer 2023.

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a collection of plants, soil, and rock that mimic systems in nature to collect and filter rainwater that would otherwise run into stormwater systems.

The North Glenora Rain Garden will be a beautiful meeting place for residents to enjoy while it demonstrates the use of alternative landscaping to divert and harness rainwater. The garden will consist of two rain garden basin areas that will capture and filter water from the community’s rink shack roof. These gardens will feature a variety of native plants that are naturally adapted to both wet and dry conditions. These plants can effectively filter pollutants from stormwater, are beautiful, and provide habitat for important pollinators. The rest of the area will be planted with alternative landscaping plants to demonstrate to residents how they can replace conventional turf in their own yards with a variety of plants that utilize water more efficiently and require less maintenance overall.

Please review the attached plans and project schedule and become a Rain Garden Steward!

You will be invited to a number of sessions to gain a deeper understanding of this project and become familiar with the plants that are growing there, helping them to grow to their fullest potential.  Maintenance sessions will be overseen by experts who will teach stewards to identify plants, weed the area and gain hands-on experience in rain garden land management.

Contact Erin at [email protected] to become a Rain Garden Steward!

Project Timeline

Click on the dates below to see details of the timeline.

Construction – Landscaper Led
  • Construct, with the help of a professional landscaper, the majority of the construction of the North Glenora Community Resilient Landscaping
  • Demonstration Garden. Obtain and plant ornamental plant stock and sod-based products.
Construction – Community Led
  • Led by community volunteers, install native plant plugs.
  • Connect with Coronation Elementary School to allow the students to be involved at this stage.
Community Orientation
    • Invite community members to an orientation session to find volunteers to become stewards of the site.
Establish and Maintenance Sessions
  • Provide expert oversight for six maintenance sessions over the first two seasons with community volunteers to facilitate both weed and plant identification, weeding techniques, and general gardening know-how.
Open Houses
  • Host a site tour each year and open the invitation to the community of North Glenora and to other communities as well
Design and Construction Workshops
  • Design and hold a workshop online through the Edmonton Horticultural Society, increasing the likelihood of more residents establishing their own rain gardens.
  • Hold a workshop through the Alberta Horticultural Association, to provide more in-depth information, geared to landscape professionals.
  • Design and install interpretive signage at the site to inform and educate visitors about the plants and techniques being showcased on the project.

Sponsors and Acknowledgements