North Glenora AGM March 19, 2024 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on Tuesday! To recap, Andrew Knack, our councillor, praised our league and in particular our free membership, pointing out that many leagues are now following our lead, so once again we are trailblazers! To view the “Board Year in Review” presentation, please click on the PDF below.

The following folks have been elected to your new board and as you can see we have a few vacancies. Volunteering on our board is a great way to give back to your community, get board experience and have a say in future projects. Please contact Melissa at [email protected] for details.

Thanks to everyone new and returning for volunteering your valued time.

President: Haley Mikula
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Chet Domansky
Treasurer: VACANT
Grants: Karen Edwards
Activities and Programs Director: VACANT
Communications: Heather Markham
Fundraising Coordinator: VACANT
Membership: Melissa Campbell
Planning and Transportation: Ivy Koenig
Safety: Lionel Pereira
Sustainability Director: Alex Mather
Past President: Chris Hyde