Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Review Proposed Regulations Survey 

Survey due by Friday, November 4

Stage 4 of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO) Review provides the public with an important opportunity to submit feedback about the proposed MNO regulation changes.

Share your feedback by completing the most recent Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO) Review Proposed Regulations Survey by Friday, November 4, 2016.

Your feedback will provide City staff with the insight needed to finalize the changes to the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay, before advancing the final draft to City Council’s Urban Planning Committee.

The survey consists of nine (9) questions that address determining the front setback, driveway access, consultation on variances, and cover a variety of new design-focused regulations.

To provide feedback on the entire suite of proposed changes, please download aProposed Regulations Interactive Feedback Form from the MNO Review website. Submit your completed form by Friday, November 4, 2016, to [email protected].

The project team looks forward to learning about your views!