Security Update

We’ve received notification from a community member, related to suspicious activity in North Glenora.  While the concerns have been reported to EPS, I followed up with our new EPS Community Liaison, who had some tips regarding personal and property safety.

  1. Any reports of suspicious activity in North Glenora should be promptly reported to the EPS complaint line (780.423.4567).  Do your best to have a description of the suspect and a direction of travel (which way they were headed).  Do not approach someone yourself, as this can be dangerous.    These complaints are being treated as a higher priority, due to the increase in property crime North Glenora has been experiencing.
  2. Vehicles and garages should be locked at all times and valuables should not be left in vehicles.   While some may feel their vehicle or garage will sustain less damage if it is left unlocked, approx.  75% of thefts from auto, or break and enter to garages are because they were not secured.  EPS notes a person is more likely to keep moving past a locked door or vehicle until they find one that is unlocked.  This practice of locking doors and vehicles also helps prevent being identified as an “easy target”
  3. All valuables in yards should be put away or covered up including bottles, which some people leave by their garage to be picked up.  This practice only increases traffic in our community and incrse the likelihood of criminal activity.
  4. Keep your yard well lit in the evening or consider installing motion sensor lights.  This is often enough of a deterrent to keep people away from your property.

If you have any other question sor concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  or by phone at 780.667.4228.


Corinne Sawarin