2022 North Glenora Dragons Hockey Update

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this season such a success!

From all the logistics and people involved, such as building the rink, forming and maintaining the ice, equipment acquisition and distribution, coaching and so much more. This …

Interested in cross country skiing?

Our neighbours at the Woodcroft Community League recently purchased cross country ski grooming equipment. They have a licence and permit to groom in Coronation Park.

The challenge is, they don’t own a snowmobile to pull the equipment. They are looking …

Calling all North Glenora Pond Hockey Dragons!

Pre-registration for the 2022 season of the North Glenora Dragons Pond Hockey is now up and running!

Pond Hockey is designed for kids in the community ages 6-10 as a fun, inclusive introduction to hockey or to expand on previous …

Love to skate? Join the NGCL Rink Team!

Last year’s rink maintenance worked so smoothly we are hoping to make that happen again this year.

We are looking for fourteen volunteers: one person for one day, every two weeks.

As part of the team, your job will be to …

North Glenora Dragons Pond Hockey Needs YOU!

North Glenora had a successful Pond Hockey program for 5 years, and we are hoping to get it going again.

What is pond hockey?

Pond hockey is a non-competitive, multi-age sport that gets kids out and having fun on our …

Dragon’s Pond Hockey Pre-Registration Info

North Glenora Dragons Pond Hockey

Dragons Pond Hockey Returns for its 6th Season

The program is designed for kids in the community to experience hockey for the first time or expand on their previous experiences. Pond hockey is a fun way …