North Glenora Safety and Security update

After a brief reprieve from the cold and snow, winter is back in full force. This will mean slippery roads and snow covered sidewalks. To ensure our community stays safe, please remember to have your walks cleared and sanded/salted as …

Security Update

We’ve received notification from a community member, related to suspicious activity in North Glenora.  While the concerns have been reported to EPS, I followed up with our new EPS Community Liaison, who had some tips regarding personal and property safety.…

School Zone Rule Reminders!

New school zone speed limit introduced around Edmonton elementary schools

As of September 2, 2014, a new school zone speed limit will come into effect around elementary schools throughout Edmonton.  Motorists will be required by law to slow down

Daytime break and enters an issue

Break and enters to houses in Westmount are still an issue during daytime hours. It is likely that the offender is ringing door bells to see if the homeowner is at home before to breaking into the house.

If a …

A2 Community Update

The bad guys are the same as us: they don’t like the cold and they don’t want to walk, so they find an easy car to steal.  It could even be worse if you left your children in a running, …

EPS Community A2 Update

I wanted to provide a few tips to the community so you can try to protect your property this winter:

  1. With the temperature dropping, most of us like to warm up our vehicles up before driving away or leave our