It’s time to enjoy our beautiful North Glenora rink!

It has been quite a year trying to build a rink with temperatures swinging between too warm and too cold for ice-making. We want to send a HUGE thank you to our Rink Coordinator, Jasper Roemmich and the amazing team of dedicated volunteers who made the rink happen:

Andrew Gregory, Sam Bohun, Richard Thornley, Tricia McClaflin, Carolyn Rushkowski Susan Moore, Sebastian Roemmich, Weston Young, Jocelin Lebothillier, Joe Lennon and Reese Heidecker

Everyone is welcome to use the rink! The lights will be on each evening until 10:00 pm. NOTE: if the temperature is above zero overnight or above 3 degrees during the day, the rink will be closed to avoid damage to the ice. 

There are skates in the rink shack available for community members to borrow but we need someone to help facilitate the process and/or volunteer to open the shack occasionally. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Melissa: [email protected].