Melanin Mamas

Starts Monday, September 18! FREE!

This in-person group offers support for BIPOC/LatinX Mothers Mental Wellness and will cover:

  • Mothering, mental health, and mental wellness in the 1st year postpartum
  • Topics of discussion: to be decided by participants at the beginning of the session      
  • Facilitators are there to hold a safe space for everyone
  • Support group: focus on helping participants to cope, to create a network
  • Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Date : Monday September 18th – December 18th
  • Location : 6720 104 St NW Suite 201, Edmonton
  • Practitioner: Simone Moniz, Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • Practitioner: Poliana Barbosa (Grad Student- Ph.D. in Psychology)

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