Thank you for volunteering!

We’d like to give a shout out to the following folks for putting their name forward to serve North Glenora on the Board next year. However, if you are interested in any of these positions, there is still time to volunteer for the Board at the AGM Birthday party on Tuesday, March 28 at the NGCL Hall!

If you can’t volunteer, that’s okay, you can still vote in your new Board. We do hope you will come out and give these folks a huge thank you and have a piece of cake to celebrate 70 years as a community league!

Board Positions:

  • President: Chris Hyde
  • Vice President: Shree Subramanian
  • Treasurer: Mamatha Murugendra Swamy
  • Secretary: Bernadette Chevalier
  • Activities & Programs Director: Marina Koffi
  • Communications Director: Heather Markham
  • Fundraising Director: VACANT
  • Grants Director: Karen Edwards
  • Membership Director: Sandy Stift
  • Planning & Transportation Director: Antonella Cortese
  • Safety Director: Lionel Pereira
  • Sustainability Director: Erin Olefeldt
  • Past President: Melissa Campbell (not elected)

Non-Board Positions:

  • Kitchen Keeper: Margaret French
  • Hall Bookings: VACANT
  • Historian: Cara Roemmich
  • Newsletter Designer: James Shrimpton
  • Playschool Executive Director: Alissa Donaldson