Do you want to give back to your community and support the North Glenora Community League?

We are looking for your help with the following volunteer positions: Hall Bookings Coordinator and Fundraising Director. Please read the details below and contact Melissa if you are interested in either position @ [email protected]

Hall Bookings Coordinator

Roles include:

  • Responding to inquiries about the hall and its availability
  • Managing the hall calendar
  • Working with renters to make sure they complete contracts, submit payments and required documentation
  • Connecting renters with Margaret, our fabulous Kitchen Keeper who takes care of all hall viewings and key exchanges
  • Communicating with the office coordinator and hall custodian as needed

Skills required:

  • Strong computer and communication skills
  • Ability to stay on top of frequent emails, document submissions, etc. 

Time commitment: 2-5 hours per week. Hours are very flexible and can easily fit around your schedule. This is not a board position, so attendance at board meetings is not required (but always welcome!)

Our hall is an important asset to our community and a source of revenue for the community league. Hall rentals allow us to provide fantastic free programs and events for our community. As Hall Bookings Coordinator you would be providing an invaluable service to our community!

Fundraising Director

Roles include:

  • Participating in monthly board meetings to help shape the work of the community league
  • Working with our Grants Coordinator to establish a fundraising strategy 
  • Connecting with Neil, our fabulous Casino Coordinator 
  • Planning and executing fundraisers to support the programming of the community league
  • Recruiting and overseeing fundraiser volunteers

Skills required:

  • Strong communication and organization skills
  • Creativity & willingness to “think outside the box”

Time commitment: Attendance at monthly board meetings required. Flexible hours dependent on fundraisers determined by you and the board

As we continue to bounce back from the COVID pandemic, we hope to significantly increase the number of events and activities in our community. In order to provide activities for free for community members, we need to raise funds. As Fundraising Director, you would allow us to do this and help continue to build connections in our neighbourhood.