Let’s Beautify North Glenora This Winter!

It’s time to participate in Winterscapes, a winter-themed contest that encourages people to celebrate winter outdoors and to beautify neighbourhoods by creating a front yard “winterscape”. You can nominate your own yard or someone else yard. Some ideas include: Host a winterscape-building party in front of your home or community league. Facilitate a winterscape-building activity for kids and families. Offer a snow games challenge for kids/families for extra fun.

What is a Winterscape? A Winterscape can include snow and ice sculptures, winter gardens and landscaping, ice ornaments, and winter-themed scenes. Your imagination is the limit!  Start with natural materials, such as snow, ice, visible plants, and stones or rocks. You can add lights, colour, and wildlife-friendly features. Find creative uses for ordinary home and garden items, such as planter containers, fences, and lawn ornaments. Check out the Inspiration & Ideas page as well as a Photo Gallery of past winners! These winterscapes can be in front of a house, apartment, school, or community league, as long as it can be seen clearly from the road and has an Edmonton address. 

Why Build a Winterscape? Beautify your neighbourhood! A fun way to spend time with friends, family, and colleagues. Be active outdoors. Start a new family tradition! Nominations available beginning Jan 16th and closes Feb 27th, 2013. For complete details, please visit the website: edmonton.ca/winterscapes. Submitted photos may be added to the online gallery for public viewing. You will need to submit a photo and provide the street address.

Winterscape Categories:

Winter Garden: These natural-looking Winterscapes feature landscaped yards with visible plants, snow, ice, and wildlife-friendly features. Yards may also include garden decorations, accessories, colour, and lights.  

Winter Art: These yards may feature creative winter scenes and snow/ice sculptures. Add plant materials, colour, lights, and use your vivid imagination to create an artistic Winterscape!  

Winter Play: These fun and kid-friendly Winterscapes have playful features, and may include snow slides, snow forts, colourful snow/ice art, tree ornaments, lights, and much more. 

You can nominate your own winterscape, or a friend’s or neighbour’s winterscape.

For more information, including rules and guidelines, and how to enter in on the fun, visit www.edmonton.ca/winterscapes.