Have your say! Last chance to fill out our neighbourhood survey.

The North Glenora Sustainability Committee (NGSC) is conducting a community needs assessment to determine the wishes and priorities of community members before adding new elements to the North Glenora park area.

This information will help us work with the City of Edmonton so we can move forward with sustainability-related projects within the park.

Specifically, the NGSC is interested in assessing your support for two projects:

 1) a permanent community garden to grow food

 2) a rain garden, alternative landscaping that diverts and filters rainwater runoff while beautifying the neighbourhood

To date, over 50 residents have filled out the survey (thank you), however we need even more feedback to get a true assessment of the proposed plans. Your participation will make a huge difference as we prepare for spring/summer 2022.

The survey will close on November 30 at midnight. You can find it online at: https://forms.gle/qq9Scisb4nxu7fZCA

For a paper copy, please contact Erin Olefeldt at 780-293-3401 or email [email protected]

Thank you!