North Glenora Dragons Pond Hockey Needs YOU!

North Glenora had a successful Pond Hockey program for 5 years, and we are hoping to get it going again.

What is pond hockey?

Pond hockey is a non-competitive, multi-age sport that gets kids out and having fun on our outdoor rink. Players are kids of all genders age 6-11. Pond hockey is a great way to get kids outside and moving during the winter. It is also more accessible than most organized sports because the cost is very low for families (just a small fee to cover required insurance). The North Glenora Community League already has the equipment and jerseys for kids to borrow. The amazing rink team has already started construction of the rink. We have everything we need to make pond hockey happen, we just need community members to organize it.

How can we make this happen?

We need a team of community members to bring pond hockey back to North Glenora! Andrew Gregory spearheaded the creation of the original team and organized the program for several years. He is able to support a new team of organizers and provide resources to bring this program back.

If you are interested in joining the pond hockey committee, please contact Melissa:

[email protected]