North Glenora Speaker Series with Dr. Nigel Brockton; Wednesday May 19 at 7pm MT

Our Topic: 10 Recommendations for Preventing Cancer

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Dr. Brockton, PhD is Director of Research at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).  Dr. Brockton has first-hand experience with cancer, being diagnosed in his final year of high school.  His cancer returned while an undergraduate studying marine biology in Scotland, at which point he shifted to cancer research, graduating with a PhD in genetic epidemiology.  The focus of his research has largely been the impact of lifestyle factors, micronutrients and over the counter medications on the spread of cancer and survival.

Nigel is an avid cyclist and friend who, before being recruited to the AICR, was a cancer researcher at the Tom Baker Cancer Institute in Calgary.

Nigel will introduce AICR, their 10 cancer prevention recommendations and how the research supports them.  We’ll discuss some of the myths around cancer and underscore the importance of avoiding victim blaming while supporting informed decisions about lifestyle and preventing cancer.

We’ll have Dr. Brockton for a 45 minute discussion before opening the floor to what we expect to be a robust Q&A.

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Some AICR resources for you to check out in advance should you like:

  1. The Cancer Health Check:
  2. The Healthy 10 Challenge:

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.   Hope you’ll join us!