North Glenora Speaker Series

North Glenora Speaker Series

Join us April 11, 2021 at 7pm for a thought-provoking ZOOM conversation with Councilor Andrew Knack. 

Our Topic: What does the new Edmonton City Plan envision for a thriving North Glenora of 2030?

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Andrew was born in Edmonton, raised just west in the city of Spruce Grove and has lived in Ward 1 since 2002. Andrew received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta in 2006 and managed a retail business based in the ward until being elected.

He is a strong advocate of our community league system and served on both the Meadowlark and Jasper Park Community Leagues. Andrew currently serves as the Council representative on the Accessibility Advisory Committee, City of Edmonton Youth Council and Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board. He is responsible for four Council Initiatives: NextGen, Seniors, Public Engagement, and Transportation Innovation and sits on the Edmonton Public Library Board of Trustees and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Board of Directors as Vice President for Edmonton.

Councilor Knack comes highly recommended as someone who can help North Glenora navigate the realities envisioned by the new City Plan.

Here are all the links to the new City Plan:

We’ll have Councilor Knack for a 30-40 minute engaging discussion before opening the floor to Q&A. You’ll have to register through the form below to participate.

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Hope you’ll join us!

NGCL Disclaimer
‚ÄúPlease note that this event was organized by Andrew Gregory, a North Glenora resident, on behalf of the Neighbourhood.   The NGCL played no part in the coordination of this event. The NGCL is an a-political organization and remains neutral in all political affairs.”