Followup: North Glenora Park Playground incident on Feb 27, 2016

Hello everyone

I wanted to provide a​n ​update to the community regarding the incident at the playground on Feb. 27/16.  As many of you are aware, EPS was notified of a male exposing himself at the playground.

I have been in close contact with EPS, and more specifically with the Constable who is taking the lead on the file.  He has assured me that both himself, and the Edmonton Police Service take matters of this nature very seriously.

They are working closely with community partners in the hopes of being able identify the individual.  EPS was also out to North Glenora Park ​yesterday

, to install some new ​signs, which they hope will offer assurance of police presence in North Glenora and as a message to those who would seek to cause problems in our community.

​ ​As always, residents of North Glenora are encouraged to report suspicious activity directly to me, as security liaison for North Glenora, so I can in turn follow up with EPS.

​If you see an individual matching the description of this suspect, please report it to the EPS non emergency line at 780.423.4567, and please connect with me at, so I can ensure EPS is aware of the report.  If you see someone behaving in a similar inappropriate manner as the suspect from February 27, please call

911 immediately, indicate what you are observing and advise dispatch a complaint of a similar nature has already been filed.

​Again, please ensure I am made aware of the report, so I am able to follow up.  ​

While it is unlikely this individual will return to our park, in the event he does, calling 911 would maximize the ​chance of EPS making an arrest.

As always, thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe.

Corinne Sawarin

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