Outdoor Skating Lessons Registration


Start Date: Sunday, January 10th

Instructor: Melanie Niemi-Bohun, NCCP Level III (Figure Skating)

Cost $25 for 5 lessons (25 min each)

Sunday Afternoon Classes:

Pre-Beginner (age 3+): 2:00-2:25

Description: For both children and adults with NO skating experience. In this class you will learn how to fall down and get up, balance and basic forward and backward skating.

Maximum number of registrants: 8

Beginner (age 5+): 2:30-2:55

Description: For children and adults who can stand on skates and glide a short distance unassisted; must be able to fall down and get up unassisted. In this class you will develop basic skating skills including balance, stopping, skating backwards, basic turns and one foot glides.

Maximum number of registrants: 10

Intermediate (5+): 3:05-3:30

Description: For children and adults who feel generally confident on skates and would like to improve their skating skills. In this class you will work on stopping techniques, turns, one foot glides, backward skating, edges and more.

Maximum number of registrants: 10

Thursday Early Dismissal Skating Lessons

Start date: Thursday, January 14

Cost: $25 for 5 lessons (30 min each)

All skill levels: 2:30-3:00

Description: For school aged children who are interested in skating after school on early dismissal days.

Children will be welcome to join in a group lesson, play skating games or skate on their own with supervision.

No hockey sticks permitted on the ice. The instructor is not responsible for children off of the ice surface.

Parent volunteers are needed to help tie skates and supervise the rink shack for Thursday lessons. If you register your child for this session, please indicate if you can volunteer at for least one session. If there is no parent volunteer, the session will be cancelled.

Maximum number of registrants: 15

Please Note: Outdoor skating is dependent on weather. Lessons will be cancelled if the wind-chill is below -20 degrees Celsius or if the ice is too soft. If possible, we will hold missed lessons in the following weeks as needed (weather permitting).