Newsletter Survey

Tell us how you want  and what you want in your newsletter

The North Glenora Community Executive are reviewing our community newsletter and what
community members would like to see from their newsletter.

The Facts:
Currently our newsletter is printed 10 times a year and delivered to over 840 residences in the neighbourhood. Printing and delivery costs cost the league over $8,100 annually, while revenues are approximately $2,500. It also takes approximately 20 volunteer hours per issue to create and curate the newsletter.

Please complete the following survey about the newsletter and tell us what you want to see. You can
find the survey at:


  • No change to the newsletter format;
  • Reducing the newsletter to a two page format (as seen on pages 15/16 of this issue) on every second month;
  • Going digital with content put on our website, Facebook, and twitter.

The choice is yours. Please go and fill in the survey or email [email protected] with your