Summer Security Reminder

Summer vacation time has finally arrived!!! Many of us are planning on going away and enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. However, vacationing away leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins and theft-related crimes.

Most burglars check for four things: something worth stealing, easy access to the house, low visibility, and a home that is unoccupied. If all of these conditions are met, your home is an easy target. Here are a few quick Do’s and Don’ts to keep your home safe while you are away:

· Fool thieves by making your home look occupied at all times. Use light timers, or timers for the TV or a radio.
· Change the pattern of the lights you leave on when you’re away. Leaving the same light on always could tip-off thieves and signal you aren’t home.
· Talk to your neighbors and ensure someone is watching your home while you are away. Have them check on your home and either pick up your mail or have it held at the post office.
· Ensure garages are locked and secured. Maintain an everyday appearance by leaving some curtains and blinds open.
· Ensure your vehicle is in your locked garage, or if left on the street or in the driveway that it is locked at all times.
· Keep outside gates locked.
· Install motion detector lights outside to ensure the perimeter of your house is well lit.
· Lock valuables and important documents in a safe or other secure location.

· Leave a message on your answering machine saying that you aren’t at home.
· Let newspapers and mail pile up. Ask someone you trust to collect your newspapers and mail daily while you are away.
· Leave a key hidden outside under a flower pot or window sill. Thieves know where to look!
· Leave tools or ladders outside which can be used to gain access to your home.
· Leave valuable items in clear view of the windows.

Also, a few tips from EPS, for those of us staying at home to enjoy some well deserved relaxation
Now that spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon, everyone is scrambling to get out and enjoy everything that Edmonton has to offer during our short, warm season. Unfortunately, the criminal element in our fair city is out to enjoy and take advantage of the warm weather as well.
When out in the yard trying to get the grass green, the plants to grow and flowers to bloom, there are simple things you can do to ensure you don’t become an easy target for criminals.
Don’t forget to close and lock your garage doors when you leave the house. Even if you are in the backyard, or simply enjoying the weather outside, make sure the garage isn’t open. It only takes a few sconds for thieves to enter an open garage and leave with your property.
Lock your front door. We all want to stay cool throughout the summer, but an unlocked front door is an open invitation for the crooks to enter your home while you are in the backyard enjoying a BBQ on your grill master!
Lock your vehicles. Many people enjoy summer driving and roll the windows down. No one wants to get into an uncomfortably hot vehicle, so windows are often left open. Many of us leave our nice sunglasses, iPods, GPS’ or other property in the vehicle. Again, this is an open invitation for criminals to reach into the vehicle and take our property. Even when making a quick stop at the corner store for a thirst quenching slurpee, remember to ensure your vehicle is secure.
If we all take simple steps to secure our property, we can help deter crime and have a more enjoyable summer!
Notice suspicious activity in your community? Don’t hesitate to contact the EPS complaint line at 780-423-4567(#377 from your mobile device). Always call 911 for emergencies and crimes in progress.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding safety in North Glenora. I can be reached by phone at 780.6678.4228 or email [email protected]
Have a wonderful summer!