May 22 – EPSB Greater Westmount School Closure Meeting Update

Thursday, May 22 at 7pm
Westmount School
11125 131 Street

Coronation School and the North Glenora community need your support Thursday, May 22 at the EPSB Greater Westmount School Closure meeting at Westmount School 11125 131 Street at 7pm.

Wear a red shirt to show your support of neighbourhood schools.
Please also consider the following talking points:
*Education quality in small school vs K – 9
* Impact Coronation School closure have on the community
* Impact building a mega school have on our community
* Transfer of IB program to new school
* Use funds to upgrade the existing schools
* Considering non-school services, such as day cares, in the new building, similar services must be taken into consideration in the existing buildings.
* Drop in property values with school closure
* Traffic and student safety At Groat Road and 111Street
*North Glenora New Housing developements.
*Research Shows small schools are better for educational learning
If you can’t make it to the meeting please send your concerns to the contacts we’ve added below or go to EBSP.CA for more information and fill out the Boards, survey.

Politicians to Contact
Position Name Phone Email Comments
School Trustee Cheryl Johner 780-429-8079 [email protected] **Orville and Sarah are the key people to contact, but all trustees vote on the plan so send your opinion to all of them. Key things to tell them are that you are worried about the loss of the school to the community, the safety of children crossing 111th Ave and Groat Road, and the lack of genuine community consultation. Also tell them that North Glenora has three large family-focused developments occurring here. Urge Orville to remember that he should vote on this proposal as a representative of his constituents, most of whom oppose the school consolidation plan here.
School Trustee Michelle Draper 780-429-8135 [email protected]
School Trustee Orville Chubb** 780-429-8085 [email protected]
School Trustee Ray Martin 780-429-8016 [email protected]
School Trustee Ken Gibson 780-429-8084 [email protected]
School Trustee Michael Janz 780-429-8082 [email protected]
School Trustee Chair Sarah Hoffman** 780-429-8086 [email protected]
School Trustee Nathan Ip 780-429-8083 [email protected]
School Trustee Sherry Adams 780-429-8087 [email protected]
Superintendent Darrel Robertson 780-429-8010 [email protected] These three individuals create the final plan on which the trustees vote. Use the same points as what you tell the Trustees to ensure that they do not select Greater Westmount in their  recommendation.
Asst Sup Diana Bolan 780-429-8267 [email protected]
Managing Director (Planning) Lorne Parker 780-429-8426 [email protected]
City Councillor Scott McKeen 780-496-8140 [email protected] Scott McKeen has been encouraging North Glenora to take our share of infill and social housing but now we may lose our school when we need it most. Ask Scott to be more vocal about having the EPSB coordinate their plans with the City.
City Councillor Bev Esslinger 780-496-8136 [email protected] Councillors Esslinger and Walters co-chair the ‘Elevate’ committee, established to ensure collaboration between the EPSB and City Council. Urge this committee to ensure that the plans of the EPSB are in line with the City’s desire to see mature neighbourhoods thrive and to encourage infill in the inner-city.
City Councillor Michael Walters 780-496-8132 [email protected]
MLA Heather Klimchuk (780) 455-7979 [email protected] Both are cabinet ministers. Tell them that you do not like the requirements that they placed on the EPSB for school funding. The PC party changed their plans on pension reform so it’s possible that they will do the same with education.
Minster of Education Jeff Johnson (780) 675-3232 [email protected]