Rink Shack Volunteers Needed

As you may have noticed, we have a group of 9 families who have been building two skating rinks at the community hall (the ice is not ready so don’t use them yet!!).  These families have committed to  cleaning and watering the ice throughout the winter.

We now need others to volunteer to be rink attendants.  We are planning to hire several students for part of the holidays but we are looking for families to volunteer and open the rink shack up for more hours (especially on the weekends).

Here’s what it involves:  Rink attendant families open the rink shack for community members, prepare hot chocolate, lend skating equipment and monitor skaters (you can organize games or activities if you really wanted to).  This is a job the whole family (or families) can do together and will make a great place for our community to congregate outdoors this winter. Without volunteers, the rink shack will not be open for most of the time.

If you are willing to get involved, send me dates and times that you are available between Dec 13th and Jan 5th. Ideally, we’re looking for 3-4 hour chunks but whatever people are willing to do, we’ll take. I’ll make up the schedule over the weekend so please let me know by then if you are willing to get involved.

Thanks Everyone!

Ryan and Michelle
NGCL Sports Coordinators