The Case of the Missing Chairs

2012-2013 NGCI. Executive Positions are OPEN!

Family Activities Chair

We have some great coordinators already very active in areas that encompass Family Activities but we really need a person at the helm to represent Family Activities in North Glenora at 10 Executive Meetings per year, liaison with Playschool, Indoor Playgroup and Movie Night coordinators.

There is lots of help from the City of Edmonton Recreation Coordinator for programming any single events or programs of interest to those with young families looking for “local” and “fun” activities that don’t cost a lot of money and are just a few steps away in our community.

Hall Rental Chair

We have adjusted this position to be less demanding. By posting pictures on our website and engaging our office manager in some of the hall rental processes, we have taken some of the pressure off the volunteer to show the hall to looky-loos, produce the contracts for the renters and handle the receiving and returning deposits.

We still need a volunteer to chair the Hall Rental position, to be our steward to ensure that our Rental Contract is in order and Hall Security is looked after. Other than that things are going well but we really would love to have some people step up and volunteer for these positions.


If you would like more information, contact our President David Van Meter (ngcloffi[email protected] or leave a message on our answering machine 780-452-6610 for a call back)