EPS Community A2 Update

I wanted to provide a few tips to the community so you can try to protect your property this winter:

  1. With the temperature dropping, most of us like to warm up our vehicles up before driving away or leave our vehicles running as we go into the bank or convenience store for a couple of minutes. Every winter, the police receive complaints of vehicles being stolen while the keys are in the ignition. I recommend that you do not leave your keys in the vehicle. If you have to warm your vehicle, please lock your vehicle.
  2. Many of you go holiday shopping at the malls and leave the gifts inside your vehicles as you continue to shop. Thieves sometimes go shopping as well. They will break into your vehicle and steal the gifts within. It is best to keep your gifts out of sight. Consider putting the gifts into the trunk of the vehicle or keeping them with you.
  3. Recently, the EPS is seeing an increase in theft of snow blowers across the city. It is advised that owners photograph their snow blowers and record the serial number.

Take care and have safe and happy holidays.

Sgt Mah